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Taster Subscription offer - a different coffee to try with each order

Taster Subscription

Each month you will receive a different coffee for you to try:

Order 1 - Cracked Bean Blend
Order 2 - Salt and Light Blend
Order 3 - Single Origin coffee

Remember that the beans are seasonal in availability.

However, we will select beans that combine to create a similar flavour profile to provide continuity. 
When you're tasting your new coffee, think about these 5 things:
aroma, sweetness, acidity, body and flavour
Before you taste, what can you smell from your brew?
As you taste, is there any sweetness in the coffee (brown sugar, honey)?
Then is it smooth or acidic (as in chocolate versus citrus)?
Is it rich and full bodied or lighter mouthfeel?
Finally, what subtle flavour notes can you detect (chocolate, nutty, dried fruit, plum, spice, citrus, earthy)?


    250 Grams
    Price Options
    Monthly Coffee Fix
    10% off retail price!
    £6.75every month for 3 months
    Need More Coffee!
    Subscribe and Save 10%
    £6.75every 2 weeks for 12 weeks
    Never Run Out!
    Subscribe and Save 10%
    £6.75every week for 12 weeks
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