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Speciality Coffee with Chocolate,  and hint of caramel flavour notes

Salt and Light Blend

60% Uganda Engeya                   Varietal - SL14

                                                       Process - Washed

40% India Monsooned Malibar   Varietals - S9, Catuai, Chandragiri, S795
                                                       Process - Monsooned
Flavour Notes  

Medium Bodied, Chocolate, fruity, with hint of tobacco, smooth and balanced finish.


Salt and Light Blend is slightly lighter in body and a bit LESS sweet compared to Cracked Bean Blend! It still works well across all brew methods, with or without milk. This is very enjoyable as a black pour over, to appreciate the more subtle flavour notes that may get lost when combined with milk.

The components of the blend will change seasonally 2 to 3 times across the year but always hit the same flavour notes that make it a distintive choice.


You might be interested to know the reason behind the choice of name of this blend:

Historically Sunderland as a port grew initially due to it's trading in salt; this pre-dated its trade in coal, and then shipbuilding.

As some of you may know, Sunderland's football stadium is called the Stadium of Light.

And finally, our founding Director, Sam has a Christian faith which spurred her to set up the social enterprise business, to help people move towards financial independence, as Christians are called to be salt and light in their community.

    250 Grams
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